Ben Guzovsky

Education Researcher

What I'm Working on:

Incorporating an education nonprofit with a mission to inspire student agency nationwide.

Sitting in on high school classes across the country to understand how trust forms in and around classrooms.

Building resources that motivate and empower high school students.

What I'm Proud of:

A collection of interactive self-advocacy resources for students Doorstop Education

My writing course for middle and high schoolers  Flow Writing Seminars

A recent article I've written Bot Poetry: Engineering Randomness

An AI-powered Thesaurus I worked on Finesse

What people say behind my back:

"Nothing escapes his keen analytical gaze... He has immersed himself in an incredible volume of seemingly-dry historical sources and not only wrestled them into a clear and well-structured piece of writing, but also condensed them into a pithy but substantial interpretive formula... articulated with flair." 

"Having such a broad impact on the course of a project takes skills ranging from communication and vulnerability – such as reaching out for help when stuck understanding something – to the technical aptitude needed to understand and master range of difficult tools, from Amazon Web Services to python and the mathematics and statistics needed to make sense of machine learning. "

"You're so much cooler than me."

What I've Been Reading:

Invisible Man, Ralph Ellison

Experience & Education, John Dewey

The Odessa Tales, Isaac Babel

Crowds and Power, Elias Canetti